Warranty/Product care

    • Your Rights In Case Of Defects
    • What are my rights in case of defects?

      The North Face® is consistently committed to improving the Customer experience from purchase to after care and strive to achieve excellent results for you the Consumer. In the unlikely event that your item is defective and therefore, the statutory rights in case of defects apply, you must return the product to The North Face® store where you purchased the product together with a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase. They will then explain the applicable procedure and timing to you.

      Is normal wear and tear covered by warranty?

      Will my product by The North Face® be repaired, replaced or credited?

      How long will my warranty return take to be processed?

      How can I find out the status of my warranty return?

      I have not bought my item through your The North Face® UK.Com online store. What policy should I refer to?

      Who pays for shipping?

      What if the damage/fault is not covered by warranty?

      I have a broken/missing buckle or faulty laces. Can this be replaced?

      How do I return my The North Face® faulty product?

    • Product Care
    • How do I wash my down jacket?

      How do I wash my Gore-tex® jacket?

      My Gore-Tex® jacket by The North Face is leaking. What can I do?

      My shell jacket will not stay dry anymore. What can I do about it?

      How do I wash my synthetic down jacket?

      Feathers seem to be leaking from my down jacket. Is this normal?

      How do I wash my down sleeping bag?

      How do I wash my synthetic sleeping bag?

      How do I wash / clean my Tent Mules?

      How can I get replacement shoelaces?

      How can I get my tent poles repaired or replaced?

      How can I get a replacement for my tent fly?