Gift Your Gear

gift your gear


As The North Face, we want to inspire and enable people everywhere to join a global movement of outdoor exploration. We’ve spent 50 years inspiring generation after generation to keep exploring. It’s in our DNA and defines us as a company. Never has that been more important than now.

The proliferation of sedentary lifestyles, urbanisation, coupled with the falling quality of personal diet, has led to decreasing levels of physical activity, and engagement with the outdoors. Globally, around 31% of adults and adolescents are insufficiently active, and as much as 50% of children, and 20% of young adults in some countries, have never visited the countryside.

Along with our partners and peers across the outdoor industry, we have a deep knowledge and appreciation of the benefits of the outdoors. The physical benefits range from lower blood pressure and weight loss, to lowered risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and outdoor settings also offer significant mental benefits such as reduced stress, anxiety, depression as well as improved sleep patterns. dd

To play our roll most effectively in helping enable and inspire people to take advantage of these considerable benefits, we are working to increase accessibility to the outdoors for those with limited resources to do so.




One way The North Face is doing this is by helping to provide gear and equipment to organisations that are working to encourage outdoor participation. For those embarking on their first outdoor adventures, having the right kit is important. Those unforgettable moments are often hard to enjoy when you’re cold, wet and uncomfortable. Wearing the right clothing and equipment helps to ensure that outdoor experiences are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

That’s why we have partnered with Gift Your Gear, to collect and donate outdoor gear to organisations encouraging outdoor participation. Gift Your Gear supports over 1000 community organisations, youth groups and charities working in the outdoors. Donating outdoor gear makes a real difference to these local community organisations, youth groups and charities. By extending the lifespan of used gear we can help enable others to benefit from life changing experiences outdoors, regardless of their circumstance. As well as donating The North Face stock, in 2017 we ran our first nationwide instore collection in the UK to encourage customers to donate their old, unwanted outdoor gear.

Together, we are striving, as we have done since our beginnings, to inspire generation after generation to keep exploring forever.

To find out more about our work, and the organisations that have benefitted, please visit