A Sam Anthamatten Story

Nevia has two meanings: snow or something new. It’s also the name of Sam and his fiancé Sabrina’s baby daughter, expected November 2022.

Growing up in Zermatt, Sam Anthamatten has been skiing since he can remember.

A childhood spent living in the shadow of the Matterhorn, he witnessed mountain guides helping others stay safe at high altitude.

“The fun part about mountain guiding is that you’re enabling somebody to fulfil their dreams”


In 2011, the Freeride World Tour runner up became a fully qualified mountain guide—teaming up with alpine climbers and skiers to help them live their dreams out on the snow.

But how important is the climbing partner role anyway?
Fellow freerider and The North Face athlete Markus Eder puts it pretty plainly.

“Many people probably wouldn’t have become who they are if Sam wasn’t there.”


The guy for everything

In 2022, production collective Legs of Steel set about exploring Sam’s vital role in the community. His documentary Nevia explores what happens when the enabler becomes the protagonist.

“Sam is involved in so many film and mountain sports projects, but rarely are they about him.”

The film production turned the camera on Sam as he attempted to fulfil his dream.


And the dream? Ascending and descending the Obergabelhorn–a multidisciplinary mission that involves paragliding from Zermatt to the Obergabelhorn north face, hiking up to the top, skiing down—and then flying back home.

The exceptionally challenging expedition demands a host of high-level technical skills, bags of strength, and an acute sensibility to safety.

Attempt after attempt, we see that the world-class athlete's sense of obligation to others—guiding, helping and looking out for his community—is his way of life.

Nevia gets to the heart of the guy who's always played second fiddle. It offers a glimpse into Sam's life—not as a supporting act but as the main event—and pays homage to the most valuable number two in mountain sports.